Why Startups Should Consider Outsourcing Work to Freelancers

Freelancers are not bound by geography and this enables companies to partner with the best minds to get their job done

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In this article from Entrepreneur, Nidhi Singh discusses the advantages of working with freelancers and why startup businesses should consider outsourcing. 

"Gone are days when 'freelancing' was considered an unreliable career choice. Many freelancing jobs have gained popularity in recent times, with companies embracing a flexible working environment. The rising demand for outsourcing work to freelancers has led more and more people to opt for freelancing rather than taking any full-time job. The main reason is the challenges the individuals are facing in the full-time job market.

According to a recent Paypal report, Web & mobile development, web designing, internet research and data entry are the key focus areas for Indian freelancers while some of them are also engaged in accounting, graphic design, and consultancy."

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Original article by Nidhi Singh on January 12, 2018

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